Game dev log #1

Game dev log #1

Hi, this is my first game devlog (development log). I will be updating this log during the development of my first game using the Godot engine.

Learning something new is a lot easier if you are very interested in the matter. For this game I switched to a (for me) new development environment. Previously I programmed in Delphi, Visual Basic and used DirectX. Most recently I leveraged Mono with C#. Disadvantage is the need to program all logic, file loading, tile, player movement logic. It was possible, but development was slow.

When browsing Youtube, I stumbled upon the Godot engine. Free, open-source and easy to learn. I decided to start developing a 2D isometric adventure game using that engine. That was a bit to optimistic for a starting indie developer’s first game So decided to change my goal to a simpler game.

The idea is to create a multiplatform game with very simple controls. Similar to Flappy Bird but with 2 controls instead of one. Yeah, not copying, but adding an extra challenge. So, and endless game, 2 controls, ideal to kill some spare waiting time.

Game basics is a research submarine is descending down an Endless Abyss and the player needs to dodge the abyss rocks. Dodging is possible using jets to move left and right. Jet energy/air is limited and will deplete but slowly regenerates. Using jet with care is vital. Hitting the wall/rocks damages the hull and when the hull is damaged too much the game is over. Goals is to pass as much rocks as possible. Points are rewarded for every rock passed.

Back to the learning something new. The Godot engine has a lot of useful documentation and more importantly developers sharing information on Youtube. I spend time learning the engine, scenes, nodes, lighting/shadow, particles, physics and signals. During learning, I am also developing.

Below is the current state. There is still a lot on my to-do list before I think the game is complete though.