Game dev log #2

Game dev log #2

After 6 month of game development, I have started around 8 projects but nothing finished.
Game development is hard. The hardest part is coming up with a good, original, idea for a game.
Some games I started are way too … for a first game, so I started multiple smaller ideas.

The quality has improved a lot. Learning every time I work on it and from tutorials. Also getting a lot of ideas by looking at other games, especially Game Jam games. The switch from 2D to 3D has been made and gives me a lot more freedom and is not much harder to do.
This introduced me also to Blender for 3D modeling. I am trying to create as much of the assets myself, but also use CC0 assets i.e. from (as is everyone else 🙂 ).

The working titles contain colors like: Project: blue, green, brown, red, but also dust and now Jam22. Those colors do resemble something about the game. I currently am into horror and science fiction, so expect something in that area.

The idea is to contribute to the Kenney Jam 2022 (August 19-21, 2022) which I have joined because I have a goal and deadline. Maybe that helps me keep is small, simple and finish something. It might turn out into a game or failure learning experience 🙂 .
Bonus is to use prefab assets from Kenney only. That makes development easy and there is enough variation in the assets to create something great.

I hope to publish something soon on Preferably my KenneyJam 2022 contribution.